Snapchat is ready to step up to the competition. Looks like Snapchat launches a TikTok clone. The company is officially announcing a new section today called Snapchat Spotlight. The section will feature more meme-like content instead of the day-in-the-life content Snap previously encouraged. Just imagine, it is just TikTok but in Snapchat.

Snapchat is planning to encourage people to post with a 1-million-dollar-per-day prize. You read that right, no beer goggles, A MILL A DAY. The users will be able to get a chunk of this prize by getting views on their videos. The opportunity will be there for anyone to grab as there are no requirements in terms of the number of followers or anything like that. You can go grab the prize if you create a viral video for that day, no probs. Users can continue to earn from their video even if it’s popular for multiple days at a time.

Snapchat launches Spotlight soon but only in selected countries. Spotlight snaps won’t feature a public comments section, and profiles themselves are private by default. The videos you’ll see in the section can be up to 60 seconds long and, as of right now, cannot be watermarked. Spotlight has been hinted at for months now given that Snapchat announced music for snaps back in August.

Snapchat really seems like it is trying to get back on the map. Their SnapMap feature never really made the cut so now Snapchat launches a TikTok clone aiming to compete and actually recognizing the platform’s success.