Covid-19 and the Upcoming Nightlife Renaissance

No one saw 2020 coming. When the Covid-19 pandemic reached us in the States in late February, we thought it would be contained within a few months. Eight months later, most cities are still in some form of government-mandated lockdown, millions of citizens have lost their jobs, and the death toll continues to grow by the day.

The industry that has arguably been hit the hardest by the pandemic has been nightlife and music festivals. Clubs and music festivals rely on having dense concentrations of people together in a socially intimate setting, which goes directly in the face of pandemic safety.  As such, these institutions were the first to be shut down, and will likely be the last to re-open to the public. After being out of business for so long, many of our favorite partying spots have closed permanently, or are on the verge of bankruptcy. 

Despite the many challenges and restrictions in place, many nightlife operators are finding creative ways to generate revenue while keeping customers socially distanced. Many clubs and lounges have converted their rooftops or outdoor spaces into pop up dining concepts with music playing in the background. Festival producers such as Insomniac have released a host of “Park n Raves” with great success, quickly selling out many of their first shows. These Park n Raves allow cars with up to 5 guests to park in designated circles and dance around their vehicle, while being separated far enough from other cars. A number of outdoor pool parties in Vegas have reopened with socially distant table service, including Encore Beach Club, Daylight, Marquee Dayclub, and Wet Republic.

The general consensus in the nightlife ecosystem is that there will inevitably be a rebound in demand when the dust starts to settle from the pandemic and restrictions are lifted. In Asian countries where Covid is currently under control, nightlife in cities has already witnessed a strong resurgence. Our remaining nightlife and festival establishments are hanging on in hopes of making it to the recovery period.

Fortunately, there are technology platforms like Discotech that are making it easier and safer for customers to navigate the ever changing nightlife and music landscape. Partnering with over 1,400 nightlife establishments in more than 60 cities globally, Discotech makes it easier for customers to discover events, follow artists, reserve VIP tables, buy tickets, and RSVP for free guest list access. To support their beleaguered industry and to help customers return safely to nightlife, they have developed new features such as customer contact tracing, a venue re-opening calendar, and a filter to easily search for outdoor and open air events.

Discotech also features several guides (with videos) to nightlife in over 100 cities worldwide. Some examples:

Discotech is free to download on the iOS App store and the Google Play store and features over 8000 reviews and a 4.9 star rating. Discotech’s concierge is also available 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have.

With customers and nightlife operators both anxious to return to the party, you can be sure that there will be plenty of action in store for 2021. If the post-pandemic re-opening can be handled in a safe and responsible manner, it could mark the beginning of a new Renaissance in nightlife. This will require a concerted effort – nightlife owners and operators, customers, and technology providers such as Discotech will need to work together in a patient and responsible manner to make sure that nightlife stays, and Covid stays away.