ASHE Ivokes a Darker Cinematic World on ‘Clairvoyance’ Via mau5trap

ASHE finally makes his way back onto mau5trap through two tracks, ‘Clairvoyance‘, and ‘Zeitgeist‘. The package takes us down the rabbit hole of a darker sound coming from the artist, that retains his knack for cinematic production.

ASHE is no stranger to mau5trap, having previously released the Melancholia EP, and featured on their latest We Are Friends compilation. Throughout his releases, whether through mau5trap or not, the artist continues to showcase his distinct and personal sound that leaves an inspiring mark.

The first track, ‘Clairvoyance’. introduces itself through silky cinematic synth tugs which are quickly met with a deep engulfing kick. What gives this track its edge is the dichotomy between the brooding rhythm and serene piano notes. Throughout, the structure and progression only remain engrossing. On the other hand, ‘Zeitgeist’ revolves around a darker sound that highlights a haunting and eerie spectrum. In addition, the spacious vocals provide another layer to complete the atmosphere. Thematically, both tracks link together in a cogent manner while simultaneously emphasizing particular aspects of each other.

Listen to ASHE delve into a dark and cinematic world on ‘Clairvoyance’ via mau5trap below!