[Interview] Sunnery James x Ryan Marciano Sit Down With EDMTunes

Back in July, Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano released their heartbreak anthem single ‘Life After You‘. We got to interview them during the quarantine and see what they’ve been up to since then. What cool things do they have in store for us for the future? How have they been since social distancing halted touring? Let’s find out!

1. As always, how are things with you guys during the quarantine? How has the pandemic affected your lives so far and are you doing anything creative to keep yourself focused? 

The most important thing is that we, our families, our team are all safe and healthy. These are challenging times and we need to get through this one way or another. So we and our team are focussing on the things we control. We don’t worry too much about the things that could have been but rather work on being creative with the things that are possible. It demands a mind shift but it is definitely working if we look at all we’ve done in the past months.

2. Your sets always contain the greatest groove and percussive rhythms that we love to write about. For your latest priority single ‘Life After You’, where did you draw inspiration from for this track? 

Everything just fell into place. We were working in the studio, messing with melodies, beats and then this vocal came up and it was just bang on. Plus Rani is an amazing talent. A true professional. We are so lucky to have worked with her

3. With the successful release of ‘Life After You’, can we expect any more future live streams, new studio albums, or releases anytime soon? Is there anyone you are dying to collaborate with? Would you experiment with other genres in music making?

To answer all of your questions quickly: Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. But seriously we have spent a lot of time in the studio these past months working on some cool ideas with artists we never expected to work with and genres that funnily enough really worked well with our taste in music. Also we set down with our team and came up with some great concepts on how to connect with our fans in these challenging times. But you’ll find out soon!

4. As we look back and reflect on everything that has happened to the music industry during this lockdown, what has been your most memorable event you’ve played to date? 

This is always the most difficult question to answer. It’s impossible to name only one as every event has something memorable to us. And we don’t want to disappoint promoters who believed in us. But to still somehow answer your question, we are still extremely proud every time we are able to perform at Tomorrowland. 

5. We love that you guys met at a writing camp and that EXPOSED is about showing and telling everything you’ve experienced and know from the industry. Budding artists during this point in time may be struggling with building their brand. Do you have any other advice you would like to give them?

This will probably sound like a cliche, but be an original. Not a copycat. And keep believing in yourself! Nothing is impossible. Don’t wait for others to help you out. If you don’t get signed, create your own label. Not getting gigs? Host your own events or live streams. Just do it! (can you spot the taglines from some big brands we just dropped? 🙂 a coincidence but they are right)

And there you have it! The duo are managing just like the rest of us. But we are anxiously awaiting for next year when we can return to normalcy. Follow us for more exciting news to come!