Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano ft. RANI – Life After You

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano want to help get over your ex together with their upbeat new single ‘Life After You.’

The track with vocalist RANI is lyrically driven with the message to move on from a past love because life goes on. 

“I’m on the other side, I found my closure, my eyes wide open, now I’ve seen the light, my heart is smokin’, but I ain’t broken,” RANI sings sassily.

“The moments that you’ve stolen, are fading memories,” the song continues, before going into the chorus, “‘Cause there’s life after you, I’m gon’ find someone new, in this life after you you you, ‘cause there’s life after you, I know just what to do, in this life after you you you…”

That leads to a pop-infused beat drop. The track has a retro vibe throughout and is suited for a chill summer day. 

The Dutch duo composed of Sunnery Gorré and Ryan de Lange teased the track before its release on Friday with photos of themselves in a Jeep Wrangler on an open road. 

“Life after you goes on. Get in your car, kick the pedal to the floor and find your closure,” they wrote on the Instagram caption. 

On Sunday, SJRM posted a lyric video on Instagram and wrote, “Let’s get over your ex together … You better sing those feelings away!”

In The Studio

The duo met RANI during a writing camp and wrote ‘Life After You’ in the Armada Music studio, according to the Digital Journal. SJRM have had success with Armada and collaborated with the record label owner Armin van Buuren twice on ‘You Are’ and ‘You Are Too.’

Sunnery and Ryan say they have been quite productive during the coronavirus quarantine, so fans should have more new music to look forward to.

“We had a lot of time these past months to spend in the studio so there are a lot of new projects we need to finish. This includes some surprising collaborations but as always it depends on so many things for this to happen,” the duo said in an interview with We Rave You last week. “But we are working hard on bringing new and exciting stuff coming months.”

‘Life After You’ is SJRM’s second single of the year. They released the groovy track ‘PRAY’ with YAX.X and SABRI in April.

Listen to ‘Life After You’ on the platform of your choice here, or on YouTube below.