VMAs Performers Exempted From COVID Rules

It seems the VMAs make the perfect excuse for a large gathering. This week, we find out that music’s biggest stars will descend to New York for the show. NYPD cops will be ready to check their social distancing measures. Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and others are slated to perform.

Originally the show’s location was Barclays Arena, but that has since been dropped. The performers shall perform at various outdoor locations with limited to no audience on Sunday, August 30th.

While the city is working with production to closely coordinate guidelines and compliance checks, the artists will not be subject to a 14-day quarantine. Usually, incoming travelers need to self-quarantine. If not, they face a $10,000 fine or 15 days of jail time.

The Department of Health granted the VMAs a semi-exception to the quarantine rule. Artists can participate in the production for the show but they will only interact with other members of the cast and crew and will quarantine when not working. Police are overseeing testing, screening, and compliance checks. However, regular travelers still face domestic travel restrictions.

Those that travel from restricted states voluntarily fill out a health form or face a summons and possible $2000 fine. These forms are meant to deter people from traveling to these kinds of states. Enforcement is hard, and following protocol is tedious. Meanwhile, these celebs get a visitors pass for entertainment.

Contact tracers knock on doors and the state takes COVID-19 quarantine seriously. As a prior hotspot, we know this is necessary, though with a rough few months it’s beginning to get a little “insane” per Staten Island City Councilman Joseph Borelli.

Is it fair for celebs to also receive an exemption from social distancing rules while the rest of the country has to follow?

Who knows when the end will be in sight.