Have No Fear, Spotify ‘Track ID’ Playlist Is Here

Spotify, in addition to top DJs including; Carl Cox, Nina Kraviz, Black Coffee, Dixon, Todd Terry, and Marc Kinchen has launched a new extensive self-curated Spotify compendium full of tracks lesser-known or unreleased cuts.

Berlin house and techno veteran Dixon stated, “It’s no secret the tracks I play are usually unreleased from whichever sounds I’m into at the time. Right now with the usual game on hold, this playlist feels quite personal. Of course, there are the floor fillers in there, some from prior lockdown, some that never have been tested on a dance floor. But I’m more curious to gauge the listeners’ response to the underdogs.”

While everyone is stuck at home these days, it’s nice to get a new thing to dig into. Especially one that’s also so personal for the DJs who are curating those lists. It gives us something to connect to, remember the good times with.

Maik Pallasch, Head of Music for Spotify Germany said, “We’re thrilled to collaborate and curate with DJs as we continue to expand Spotify’s support for Dance/Electronic music. With our expansive offering of Dance/Electronic music content, we are excited to offer fans the chance to further explore this diverse and culturally influential genre and dive deeper into the space to uncover their new favorites.”

I for one cannot wait to get into the Track IDs and see what I recognize and finally can put a name to. Can’t say how many times I’ve used Shazam to ID, let alone have it not work on the dance floor. I know I’m not alone in this either. So if you’re like me, you’re really excited about this new collective.