Sander van Doorn – I Dream

Sander van Doorn is crossing genre boundaries with his latest track ‘I Dream‘. This new punchy track is throwing out all the stops. We see its release on Spinnin’ Records.

This dance track infuses bubbly bass with soaring synths and airy vocals. With high energy and an infectious sound, this is perfect for the main stage. Modern touches sprinkled throughout give us so much sound to choose from. You get a big room ambiance with deep house grooves. Then the melodic pop adds a touch of flair. Mix in shaky backbeats and ascending synths to create a luscious drop and you get dance fever, guaranteed.

Even during quarantine, Sander is taking to the studio and working in full effect. He’s solidified his reputation and impact on the dance music scene with his onslaught of releases. If you’ve followed his sound throughout his career, you’ve seen how much energy he draws from the crowd. Endorphins run wild with his music and performances. Can you match these spine-tingling vibes anywhere else?

He is a generation-defining artist and entered the music scene at just 16 years old. Inspired and motivated by the mountains of creativity he could put into electronic music, this star was born. A producer at heart and a DJ by day, you cannot pinpoint his exact genre. He outputs monstrous solos and collaborations, that garner millions of plays on YouTube and Spotify.

Catch releases on his very own imprint, DOORN Records, or experience the new artists and sounds he brings to it. When he takes to the dark streets of techno and trance, watch him bring the yin to his existing yang. We love his creative energy, positivity, and synergy from the studio.

Listen to his newest single below and add it to your summer playlist.

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