Saint Punk Unleashes New Banger ‘Molotov Cocktail’

The latest track from Saint Punk is here! The Los Angeles born and bred DJ returns with his unique mixture to deliver the latest on grunge/EDM fusions. Saint Punk’s latest track is titled ‘Molotov Cocktail‘. It was released through his label Graffiti Records.

A Day of Quarantine with Saint Punk - Magnetic Magazine

An amazing mixture between his grunge origins and today’s EDM scene, Saint Punk is unlike anything else in the scene. Fusing his hard hitting, vocal screeching sound, Saint Punk brings an unexpected genre on board: house music. His work has taken him to perform in amazing events and venues such as Insomniac’s Audiotistic, as well as LA venue Sound and Academy. Last year, Saint Punk also performed at the Confession MMW party and Brooklyn Mirage.

During 2020, the DJ has showed no signs of slowing down, he continues earning thousands of listeners on all of his social networks, and his powerful message fueled by his unique mixture of genres and sounds has done nothing but raise him high inside the undeground house scene.

‘Molotov Cocktail’

A super powerful message, especially during these times. ‘Molotov Cocktail’ encapsulates Saint Punk’s amazing talent for blending his grunge roots with today’s evolving electronic landscape. Fixed inside the underground house spectrum, ‘Molotov Cocktail’ features Saint Punk’s hard-hitting vocals and a G-house sound that makes the track one of my personal favorites this year.

About the track, Saint Punk declared:

“I’ve been angry and frustrated with how the police and administration have been responding to the protests, and this is my therapy to that frustration,” Saint Punk says. “I had been thinking about some kind of protest song and one morning I woke up with the idea and lyric in my head. I recorded a voice memo, then went into the studio and brought it to life. It’s my anthem for everyone’s frustration. I share this with the world.”

With everything you’ve learnt today, if you didn’t know Saint Punk, you might as well go stream his music right now! A true Don inside the underground house movement, in my opinion. Go stream Saint Punk’s ‘Molotov Cocktail’ now!