KSHMR’s New Alter-Ego

Producer KSHMR, real name Niles Hollowell-Dhar, is now introducing an alter-ego under the moniker of Dreamz.

Many speculate on the fact he’s created this (believed to be the third persona) to release more ambient works. This is quite the opposite of his heavy-hitting floor crushers. Some believe that the second alter-ego prior to this is be under the alias The MVI.

The chatter about it revolves around the name for the most part. Many are either liking or disliking it. But the general reaction to this direction he’s headed musically is quite favorable. Many are citing his Paradesi EP as the reason for collective interest in this new persona.

Alias or not, I for one think opening up new routes for genre creativity is a good way to keep interested in, and interest in your music. It’ll be quite interesting to see what comes of it for Dreamz.

Check out the latest track he has released, presenting both the KSHMR and Dreamz aliases, featuring Nevve.

Dreamz, KSHMR, Nevve – Casual