MS Trust Couch-ella Changes Name Due To Copyright Claims

The MS Trust Couch-ella Home Festival is set to take place on August 22nd, but will be officially renamed. Per Coachella’s legal team, the UK based multiple sclerosis charity is changing the name to the ‘MS Trust Home Festival‘. The online event is hosting comedy, music, yoga, and dance acts.

MS Trust’s chief executive, David Martin, had the following to say:

“Half of me thought, ‘Shall we take them head-on?’ But in reality when lawyers get involved, it costs a lot and we didn’t want to waste any of the charity’s money.”

We can understand this sentiment. This isn’t the first time that an event’s name had to be changed due to copyright claims. Perhaps they named it as a spoof to current times and as a pun on words. Though clever and catchy, you do not mess with Coachella.

Martin also stated that Coachella personnel reached out for the name change request to avoid confusion. The MS Trust provides the public with free, credible information about MS along with assisting in crucial training and specialist nurse funding. All donations made during the Home Festival will support these causes.

The lineup includes John Shuttleworth and Big Howard Little Howard for comedy, Mr. Gee for poetry, Mr. Motivator for fitness class, and Cathy Marston for a dance workshop. You can enjoy music from Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer, Avi Simmons, and Collapsed Lung. Jody Barber will host yoga class, or join Jessie Ace for a pattern drawing workshop.

Admissions come in the form of donations, starting at a minimum of one euro. We know this isn’t the exact type of music event we’re used to, but if you’re looking for a fun, family event to engage in, try this one! It supports a great cause during a public health crisis.

For more information regarding the event and ticket purchases, visit their website here.