Thousands Gather to Protest Social Distancing Rules in Berlin

This past weekend, thousands of Berlin citizens gathered at the Brandenburg Gate to protest against German coronavirus restrictions. Violating social distancing regulations, many were without masks while standing and sitting closely together.

Consisting of about 17,000 people, protesters sat, marched, and chanted in response to the German government’s guidelines. Known as the “Day of Freedom — The End of the Pandemic,” many were heard yelling, “We are the second wave.”

Berlin protest with no social distancing
Photo obtained from CNN World.

Current COVID-19 guidelines enforce people to maintain at least 5 feet apart and to wear a mask. Berlin police tried to control the large crowd and urged people to adhere to the rules. They had initially warned participants that they must wear masks and social distance to be a part of the demonstration.

Germany is currently facing a major increase in coronavirus cases. The government has warned citizens that a new spike in cases was possible. Since May, the pandemic remained under control. Many blame this new increase on relaxed social distancing regulations and travelers coming to the country. As a result, tourists will now receive free coronavirus testing at least 72 hours after they arrive.

Source: CNN