Carnage & The Martinez Brothers ft. Elderbrook & Mike Dean – Together

Carnage returns to Ultra Music for his third studio album Papi Gordo 2. In it, he teams up with The Martinez Brothers on the inaugural track ‘Together’. It features Elderbrook and Mike Dean, where we see a new, softer house side to the trap pioneer.

The track is a lush amalgamation of the musical stylings of the four artists. Smooth house beats wrapped with percussive techno elements swoop in first. Following this, Elderbrook’s soft vocals melt into a mirage of synths. This is a sonic departure from the typical heavy bass in your face that you’re used to. Its chill, mid-tempo melody and bassline make your heads and bodies sway versus bang. You can hear each artist play to their strengths while dissolving genre barriers, and simultaneously elevating each unique style to its peak.

Enjoy the sweet, soft treat that is Carnage’s new track. We can appreciate his artistic breadth and range. Hip-hop, pop, and electronic meet together for something new. If you’ve eagerly been waiting for Papi Gordo 2, stay tuned. 2020 may have hit us hard, but this album may just hit you harder.

We’ve seen how excited Carnage is live. From EDC, Coachella, Tomorrowland, Life In Color, and Ultra Miami, his trap is intoxicating. His deft approach and versatile mindset come into play with this new single.

“I’m a big black guy who loves to rage. I’m not what you expect. I feed off the crowd and go for it.” – Carnage

Partnering with the most recognizable stars in house, techno, and club culture, he is spot on with The Martinez Brothers. The authenticity they showcase in their music is what the other featured artists of this song convey as well.

Listen to the textured track from the four impressive artists below. What a luminous triumph indeed.

Carnage & The Martinez Brothers ft. Elderbrook & Mike Dean – Together | Buy/Stream