[WATCH] i_o presents: ACID RAVE digital warehouse set

The emerging techno artist i_o unites with Insomniac and TWOFIFTYK to create the ACID RAVE virtual warehouse set. A completely digital space where the Dj plays an infernal set.

Quarantining gave us some very creative DJ sets, with some artists opting to take the plunge into the virtual world. This was the case for American Dj, Garret Lockhart, better known as i_o.

The techno, acid-house, and progressive producer captivated us with several quarantine sets, including a three-hour set in a kitchen. Many thought the “Techno Demon” could no longer surprise, but he pulled it off. Working with some VR specialists, the team built the amazing virtual ACID RAVE warehouse.

Within the digital space, there are puddles of water, immersing us in a realistic experience of a party in a club. Moreover, the aesthetics from the 90s emphasize those of the acid-techno era.

This means they built a complete venue from scratch, which is a feat considering how virtual-reality technology has not reached its greatest potential yet. Taking inspiration from Awakenings’ Warehouse Elementenstraat, they left TWOFIFTYK in charge of the audiovisual experience.

i_o virtual ACID RAVE
Awakenings Warehouse Elementenstraat
Credit: Awakenings Festival

i_o virtual ACID RAVE Experience

There’s more to highlight than the visual aspects within the experience. Agressive acid-techno tracks perfectly synchronize with the effects, being ideal for partying in the dark. Recently, i_o explored a softer side with his melodic deep house underscores on his ‘AM 444’ ep. However, he took things back to his ruder, rougher sound for this set.

Throughout, the visual effects in the set grow grander and increase, while the music continuously delves darker. In fact, the only flaw in this experience, is that it only lasts 30 minutes. However, that time is well-spent thanks to the magnificent construction of a virtual rave, making us feel inside techno hell.

As the DJ and producer mentioned on his Twitter account, we must take the necessary measures so that COVID-19 passes quicker. If so, we can then have such experience like this, but possibly longer form, in a real warehouse. Welcome to the virtual ACID RAVE, in which i_o shows how the techno and mainstream scenes can sometimes meld very well.

You can watch the whole set below!