i_o Returns With Special New Track ‘Annihilation’

American DJ and mainstream techno sensation i_o is back. One of my favorite techno acts returns with an amazing new track tapping into a melodic side that I personally haven’t heard from him before. i_o’s new track, titled ‘Annihilation’, gets its release through Deadmau5′ label Mau5trap.


Deemed by many inside the industry as one of the artists to watch in 2020, i_o is the most explosive project inside the new techno wave. His tracks gather a dark strength and are guided by unique drums delivering a unique sound never heard before.

‘Annihilation’ is a delicious, dance-infusing track, with vocals provided by Canadian singer Lights. However, there’s a second set of vocals in the song that I suspect come from i_o himself. If so, this is massive! The male vocals fit the track perfectly and mix amazingly with Lights’ angelic voice.

‘Annihilation’ carries an energy that differs from i_o’s traditional songs, boasting a more chiller, mellower vibe. However, the energy to move your body and have your consciousness absorbed by the music is still there. This proves that i_o can handle more than one genre, and further extends the respect I previously had for such an amazing artist.

Right now, I would say no one represents the sound of Mau5trap quite like i_o. The DJ continues making his mark inside the techno industry with his signature sound. And now, he adds a new powerful weapon to his repertoire. So, if you want to listen to what I suspect is i_o singing, go stream ‘Annihilation by i_o ft. Lights below!