The Chainsmokers to Produce Original Film and Score

The film, which is titled “Words on Bathroom Walls,” stars Charlie Plummer, Andy Garcia, Taylor Russell, and AnnaSophia Rob.

The Chainsmokers are back in action- with an upcoming film! It follows the life of a teenager named Adam as he navigates the world with his recent Schizophrenia diagnosis.

Inspired to make a movie after the creation of the 2017 single ‘Paris,’ the two are now here with a final product. Initially, it seems unusual or even surprising to see an electronic music group to be announcing a new film. However, they’re actually not new to Hollywood.

The two produced the TV series ‘Demo’, and teamed up with Migos to release a remix of the Game of Thrones theme song. Moreover, The Chainsmokers even have their own production company!

The duo are clearly not afraid to dive into different directions. In addition to expanding their film horizons, they’re also trying out a different sound. While their music will be in the movie, it’ll be a score, taking on a softer vibe that’ll fit more accordingly with a drama film.

The upcoming film grapples with the complexities that come with being a teenager, and living with a mental illness. This project sheds light on very heavy, yet very real topics that exist in our world. Above all, it’s exciting to see The Chainsmokers tackle a project like this!

Adapted for the screen from a book written by Julia Walton, the electropop duo is releasing the film on July 31st.