The Chainsmokers, Migos & More Remake “Game of Thrones” Theme Song for Mountain Dew

The final season of Game of Thrones premiers on Sunday, April 14th. Winter is here, and Game of Thrones fans are clearly very excited. In a new Mountain Dew advertisement, The Chainsmokers, Migos and a handful of other GoT diehards put a new twist on the show’s famous opening song. Check it out for yourself.


Hardcore fans will also notice one of the names in the credits is “A Can Has No Name”. In conjunction with the commercial, Mountain Dew is also introducing a new, limited addition all-white can.

At room temperature, the can will appear completely white. But, once cold, the can will reveal a list with names crossed out, indicating that character’s death.

For those who have never seen the show – I am sorry, this is likely confusing. But for those who have, I think we can all agree that we cannot get enough of this hype.