Here is a new remix of Moby’s single ‘My Only Love’ from Berlin-based duo Tale of Us and new Afterlife artist ANYMA. With a trance take on the original, this one will touch your soul.

ANYMA’s vocals are mesmerizing throughout the entire piece. With the rattling synths in the background and the intermittent bass beats, it creates the perfect foundation for a new take. The melody becomes stronger and harder hitting on your emotions. The sound is dreamy and deep. As they take you along on this auditory journey, make sure you turn your speakers up.

Over the last 10 years, Moby has donated 100% of profits from most of his work to animal and human rights charities. That includes work from mobygratis, his festival Circle V, his restaurant, and his last few albums. We know that he has been quite the advocate and a legend among dance music.

To have Tale of Us’s sound soak up another remix is exciting. They harness inspiration from art, music, literature, and cinema. In this track, we can see that. It’s powerful and every bit of an enhancement to the original. No doubt this fits the realm of Afterlife, a label focused on the realm of consciousness. Its soundscapes and lush rhythms make it club and festival ready.

When live events do resume, we can only hope the duo incorporates this into their set. You’ll be moved to another dimension of musical perception from their production. They’re constantly breaking the mold on dance music with beautiful and classical LPs. From their piano and Enoesque roots, their music is poetic and emotional.

Take a listen to their remix below and let us know what you think.

Moby – My Only Love (Tale Of Us & Anyma Remix) | Buy/Stream