Bassnectar Steps Back From Career Following Sexual Abuse Allegations

After a long-standing role leading the charge of cancel culture, Bassnectar has recently been caught in the middle of his own pile of sexual abuse allegations. Earlier this evening Bassnectar announced in an Instagram post that he will be taking a step back from his “place of power and privilege” in the EDM community. The statement comes just days after he posted a private statement that claimed the rumors of sexual misconduct were untrue.

Bassnectar has been fighting several accusation for years, however, the recent resurgence has seemed to bring things to a head. A series of posts on Instagram detailed numerous accounts of abuse.

Additionally, Bassnectar’s most recent statement on the matter announced that he would be handing off his non-profit, Be Interactive, and stated his “intense compassion for anyone he may have hurt”. You can see his entire statement below.

Now, do we think this is really a “retirement”? Not really, but it’s a pretty good time to step away since there are no shows for the foreseeable future and he just released an album. We’ll see what happens whenever shows start running again.