Martin Vogt, Louis Futon, Dominic Lalli, And More – ‘Twitter Telephone’

We’ve all played the telephone game at least once. It normally ends with some random message that sounds nothing like what you started with. Well, it’s a totally different game when producers play. In March, a “Pass The Beat” challenge started circulating the twitter feeds of producers around the world. This caught the attention of a Brooklyn based producer, who tweeted out a stem that got picked up by the lot who turned it into ‘Twitter Telephone’.

‘Twitter Telephone’ – The Story

The first to edit the stem was Ian Ewing, who placed the drums on the track. The drums really set the tone for this track and create that classic chill-hop vibe. Ewing then called upon Birocratic to add the funk. He did just that, adding in the bassline and some percussions to start filling out the track. Birocractic then called Cloudchord into the mix, who took the track to the next level adding guitar, Rhodes (Electric Piano), and a lap steel guitar. These unmistakable instruments bring a layer of realism that makes ‘Twitter Telephone’ really sing. At this point, you can really start to hear things coming together. Cloudchord‘s nom went to Louis Futon, who hopped on the track and add a B section to change up the feel a bit and add some variation. Next up on the line was Martin Vogt AKA Haywyre, nominated by Futon. His addition was the piano which kind of sprinkles the magic touch onto a chill track like this one. Finally, Vogt nominates Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic to lay down some sexy saxophone. Lalli did just that, putting the last little touch of polish on the track.

A pretty incredible feat of social distancing from this talented group of producers and musicians. The track turned out amazing and is one I personally have on repeat right now. You can check out ‘Twitter Telephone’ below and maybe get inspired to start your own pass the beat challenge track.