RL Grime to Release Sable Valley’s Debut Compilation

Trap and bass music expert RL Grime will be in charge of preparing Sable Valley‘s first music compilation. To commemorate the launch of his album Nova two years ago, the artist is back with great news.

Sable Valley Records was recently founded, but it has much to offer. Shortly after becoming a label, its boss, RL Grime, is ready to drop the first 15 track compilation, and it looks very promising. Sable Valley Summer Vol. 1 will arrive soon, exactly on August 14. There’s barely any information about this project except for a visual teaser that RL shared on social media.

In this small teaser, you can appreciate the unreleased collaboration with Whethan. It’s likely the track will be amongst the 15 shaping the first Sable Valley compilation. Nonetheless, there’s a lot of music to look forward to, especially when considering RL’s curation.

The following information is purely speculation as it is not official yet, Following Reddit’s r/trap community predictions. The compilation may include tunes by Knock2, ISOxo, JAWNS, Montell2099, Juelz, Heimanu, Masayoshi Iimori, and more.

The expectation surrounding this Sable Valley compilation is quite high, as RL Grime did not share much about it. You can discover more about the imprint through this Beatport link.