UK May Reopen Clubs According to Leaked Information

The UK (United Kingdom) may be reopening its clubs very soon. Newly leaked information states that the government has suggested that they reopen under new guidance, along with hotels, pubs, and restaurants.

According to plans seen by The Times, clubs and many concert venues received guidance to return with strict regulations. DJ Mag reports that these guidelines will include socially-distanced queues, temperature checks, and hand sanitizing stations. However, next week, the two-metre rule is set to become relaxed in the UK. Therefore, there will be new health and safety regulations among pubs, restaurants, and clubs.

Clubs in the UK to reopen.

Three months ago, UK prime minister Boris Johnson ordered venues, including clubs, to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although they were expected to only be closed for 14 days, but it has certainly been much longer since then.

The UK is currently seeing a decrease in coronavirus cases. Many people are seeking for normalcy to return as the sickness continues to slow down. However, as the two-metre rule relaxes and venues reopen, there is concern that reported cases will begin to increase again. Hopefully, new guidelines will help to prevent this from occurring.

h/t: DJ Mag