Apple’s iOS 14 Introduces Home Screen Widgets and More

Believe it or not, Apple’s iPhone home screen has looked pretty much the same since its initial launch in 2007. Apart from some minor tweaks like app folders, it seems as if the home screen was forgotten. Luckily, Apple will finally be making some much needed adjustments to the iPhone home screen design. iOS 14 was announced at Apples first digital Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) today, showcasing many new and exciting features.


One of the most anticipated features in iOS 14 may be the addition of widgets. Android users already know all about widgets but for iPhone users, it will be a whole new experience. Apple will now allow widgets to be placed anywhere on your home screen. Before iOS 14, widgets could only be found in the “Today View”. Finally, you can make your home screen look more than just a bunch of small squares. The redesign will not only look more up to date but also more intuitive for day to day usage.

In addition, Apple also created a “Smart Stack” widget that shows relevant apps you may need as the day progresses. It may take some time to adjust to these new features but hopefully they make finding apps much easier. Speaking of finding apps easier, Apple also showcased “App Library” view today. The App Library view intuitively organizes your apps in one clear view. For example, games will be together and separate from your news apps. You’ll even be able to hide apps you many not want to clutter the home screen.

All in all, iOS 14 is packed with time-saving additions to make any iPhone feel like new again. Unlike previous iOS versions, Apple made adjustments to almost every area, listening to user requests. We don’t have a specific release date for iOS 14 but expect it to roll out this coming fall.