New AVICII Invector Video Game Coming To Nintendo Switch

Avicii’s video game is coming to Nintendo Switch! The game is titled AVICII Invector. It was announced in October. Now, there’s a new Invector version exclusively developed for the Nintendo Switch console. This edition, titled Encore, will include 10 new tracks apart from the 25 songs included in the game. That way, while traveling through an intergalactic journey, we’ll be able to listen to the music of a genius who’s gone, but still takes up a place in our heart.

According to the game creators, Tim Bergling, known by his stage name Avicii, started working with the company Hello There Games to create an experience that would music with serene visual scapes and a magical journey. Now, two years after Tim left this world, Hello Games, in collaboration with his father, Klas Bergling, have managed to finish the game. You can watch the first announcement video below.

Reviews for the game have been good all around. One youtube channel, dedicated to reviewing games, declared:

One of the highest homages paid to AVICII

AVICII Invector, Encore Edition

Now, AVICII Invector, Encore Edition is ready to make its debut in one of the biggest consoles of today. Nintendo Switch. You can watch the exclusive Nintendo trailer here! The trailers are similar. Nintendo’s announcement video, shown below, mixes images and sequences from AVICII’s life with the game’s gameplay. The DJs major hits serve as a soundtrack. The music which, for years, captivated the world. The trailer also showcases Avicii’s actual involvement in developing the game. Certainly, a legacy that extended to more than one art form.

It’s been 2 years since Avicii left our world. However, his artistic influences live within all of us. Day after day, the DJ’s songs are streamed by millions throughout the world. His message and legacy remain inside our community, and the love we feel for him continues to show. Undoubtedly, a game might come as a surprise. However, Tim loved trying new things. This game is a beautiful tribute. However, that’s not all. 25% of the game’s profits will go to the Tim Bergling foundation, set by the artist’s family to remind the world about the struggle against mental health. So, if you ever wanted to experience Avicii’s music, inside a whole new world, now’s your chance. AVICII Invector for Nintendo Switch, coming soon.

Missing you everyday, Tim.