Lost Frequencies Remixes Mathame’s Latest Track ‘Never Give Up’ With Amazing Results

Lost Frequencies is here with new music! The Belgian house superstar returns with a remix that might be a bit unexpected for us. This time, he remixes one of Italy’s hottest duos, Mathame. Lost Frequencies puts his own touch into the duo’s latest track ‘Never Give Up’. The results? Nothing short of amazing! Lost Frequencies ‘Never Give Up’ remix forms part of a series of remixes Mathame has released to celebrate their new track.

Lost Frequencies

Lost Frequencies. Ascension To A Whole New Level

Lost Frequencies has always been a DJ I’ve placed on the mainstream side. With pretty good tracks, but no super special or favorite one, he was a DJ I liked, nothing more. However, that all changed after I listened to Alive And Feeling Fine. The second studio album from Lost Frequencies is nothing short of a masterpiece. Just yesterday, I was finally able to sit down and listen to it in one go. And even tho I’m super late to the party, WOW! The DJ has seriously reached a completely different height since ‘Are You With Me’ completely took over the EDM industry. Lost Frequencies showcases amazing talent to take advantage of every single idea that comes through his mind to turn it into an amazing house track. If he continues on this path, he’ll go down as one of the best to ever do it inside mainstream house.

Let’s move on to the topic that actually brought us here. Remixing Mathame? Kinda strange, isn’t it? However, we know this is actually nothing for the DJ who put his chill and mellow touch into Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s ‘The Hum‘ which still is the strangest yet most pleasant combination to me. Well, this time, Lost Frequencies takes it a whole different direction. The DJ enters the underground world and does it in a pretty good fashion.

His remix for this Mathame track is excellent. LF allows most of the track to be handled by quiet, beautiful melodies and a beautiful set of vocals. Then suddenly, a strong lead takes over the track to completely give new life and a whole new sense to it. The result? A complete and total banger. Lost Frequencies proves he’s more than a mainstream DJ, and I’m here for it.

Stream Mathame – Never Give Up (Lost Frequencies Remix) below!