CamelPhat and ARTBAT’s new single ‘For a Feeling’ with RHODES has been remixed by the talented Layton Giordani. It feels like a track that could be played in the middle of a film about partying until sunrise, with a hangxiety to follow and the darkness looming above for the comedown.

Giordani’s spin on the original track has more of an ethereal angelic aura that we traditionally recognize with ARTBAT. The original mix is definitely a track you’d immediately recognize as CamelPhat. The remix is soothing and sinister, while being something not of this world. It’s a unique take on how remixes should make you feel as a listener and how you respond to them. It’s not meant to make you lose your mind but go into it, out of it and challenge it.

The track itself is stepped in a way to introduce the elements, building into the main attraction – which isn’t an insane headrush, but rather something that knows its got your attention and goes for a round-two. Each element comes in every thirty seconds or so, until the four-minute mark halfway out.

Then the remix teeters into the breakdown and drop, which doesn’t seem to be as much of a drop as just a reset of the track into itself again. I’m honestly fine with this since this track seems to skirt the fence of being focused more on the ride than the actual generic drop that most envision for songs these days.

A Dream Team Remix

The remix works really well for an after-hours program, while the original is definitely a main-room starter track. Both are great for what they bring as far as tone and feeling. Both have their jobs to entice the audience to want more, especially for after-hours crowds – which I’d argue is much harder to keep the attention of, for many factors.

The combination of CamelPhat, ARTBAT, and Giordani is a match made in heaven all around. There’s a lot of unique voices that come through the work when all three are involved, especially CamelPhat and ARTBAT collaborating. I couldn’t ask for a better intertwining of threads. I always look forward to what they have in store and hope they keep this up.

Take a listen below!