Timmy Trumpet is back at it again. This time, he’s joining forces with the big room legend & Dharma Records label head KSHMR. Earlier this month, we brought you news regarding the creation of Trumpet’s new label, SINPHONY Records. We also shared what was expected to be the debut track. Today, we bring you said track, titled ‘The Prayer’, alongside KSHMR and vocalist Zafrir.

The Prayer

‘The Prayer’ starts off quick with some vocals that unmistakably sound like a call to prayer. After a few seconds, we immediately get the beat, which is that of some ground-rumbling psytrance. This is followed by some Game Of Thrones-eque horns in the bridge, and it honestly sounds pretty dope.

At 1:30, KSHMR’s signature super saws come roaring in, and right when we think we’re about to get a big room drop, we get anything but. 1:54 marks the second drop, and this is where the psytrance elements come back in, except with a hardstyle kick added. It’s Lil’ Texas-style, minus the psytrance galloping bass of course. Regardless, if you’re into hardstyle or psytrance, you might dig this.

I won’t lie, I was honestly expecting more big room out of this track. However, after a listen, I realized my expectations were fulfilled. I say this, as at 2:19, the main instrumental elements of the track exited, and a fat, signature KSHMR kick came in. Furthermore, this was paired with the super saws that were played earlier in ‘The Prayer‘. In conclusion, my fist-pumping, inner chad, couldn’t be happier.

If you’re into Timmy Trumpet, KSHMR, Psy-Trance, or Big Room, ‘The Prayer‘ is a track that you do not want to miss. With a runtime of only 2:45, this is easily a track that you could play on repeat a couple of times, and not get tired of. Timmy Trumpet & KSHMR’s new song, ‘The Prayer’ (feat. Zafrir) is out now on SINPHONY Records, and can be streamed below, enjoy!