[Watch] W&W 20XX Extended Reality Set

This past Saturday, W&W partnered with ALDA Events and various expert virtual reality companies and made a milestone in EDM history. They unveiled the 20XX Extended Reality set, making live streaming history throughout the electronic music scene.

The Li-ning virtual arena was packed with people waiting for the DJs to dance. Suddenly a hatch opens and Dutch DJs and producers W&W walk on a metal platform. All the inhabitants of the Virtual Rave Culture city are in this venue. The voice-over that accompanies us throughout the beginning mentions “welcome to rave culture, welcome to the future”.

‘This is our Legacy’ of the Dutch duo, Sandro Silva & Justin Prime begins to sound. As only the great exponents of the big room know how to do. This is how live streaming begins that marked this period of virtual concerts and the history of electronic music.

W&W 20XX Extended Reality Set

W&W was immersed in a complete virtual concert where we can see many special effects such as lights, smoke launchers, lasers, and an impressive stage.

W&W’s 20XX Extended Reality set impact

TheW&W’s 20xx world-first Extended Reality Livestream made an incredible impact online. It has already been streamed to over 900,000 fans on Facebook and over 150,000 on Twitch where it was also trending as a Top 3 stream.

With the continuous search for creative proposals in the face of the impact of COVID-19 on the music industry. Likewise the Fortnite party with Deadmua5 and more DJs. it seems that the virtual world represents a seminal point for it.

The partnership with W&W meant that we could bring the best in music & we succeeded in our goal to bring our fans the best music experience no matter where they are in the worldWe’re looking forward to bringing more groundbreaking music experiences to our fans. ”

Allan Hardenberg, ALDA events CEO .

The event not only means an incredible experience for fans, but it was also an important start for alliances. W&W’s team management and ALDA events partnered up with China’s premier sports brand Li-ning, Twitch, and Dj Mag. In addition there are other interesting partners like brand development agency, 20 Agency and creative animation agency Eject.

Moreover the W&W 20XX Extended Reality set had charitable reasons. In alliance with Unicef, during the set they received many donations to help children affected by the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

To sum up, this W&W 20XX Extended Reality Set shows the enormous importance the virtual experience is acquiring for musical events. In addition to the creative potential that all people have in times of crisis. You can watch the full set below.