W&W Announce Extended Reality Livestream Show

W&W will debut the ‘Worlds First XR (Extended Reality) Livestream’ in partnership with ALDA events, Twitch and Li Ning. The DJs will use green screens to create a “series of mind-blowing effects”

The Dutch EDM duo has been remarkably absent since the beginning of the quarantine. Perhaps they were composing explosive melodies to drop on the virtual dancefloor.

Besides making music, they were preparing the live show that will mark a first: The first XR Livestream in electronic music.

This event will take place on May 23. And it promises to be complete madness for everyone. They’re going to play a set in a virtual stadium including live XR effects, marking a starting point for future concerts.

The concert will see W&W “implement green screens to enhance the illusion of their creative 3D reality”, surrounding themselves with “a series of mind-blowing special effects”

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 First XR livestream by W&W

Why is called ‘World’s first XR livestream’?

Human beings have creativity as their main characteristic. Limitations brought on by the pandemic are forcing everybody to become extra creative to stay in the game.

We’ve all seen the live streams of our favorite artists from their homes or studios, but there was one in particular that changed the game rules. Two weeks ago, Travis Scott played a concert in Fortnite video game which set a record for viewers.

What differentiates W&W livestreaming from Travis Scott? Specifically, Travis used virtual reality in a video game and the Dutch duo plan to use XR or Extended Reality.

XR is a term used to describe inmersive technologies that can merge the physical and virtual worlds. It combines Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. All these technologies are getting together to create a fully inmersive experience.

W&W in his first XR Livestreaming will use this technology to create an entire 3D world from Scratch.

“The pioneering move will see the pair play an eagerly anticipated set inside a custom-made stadium. Including animation helping to craft this extended reality”

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Moreover,this virtual world means the seminal point in the whole story of music indutry.

“The broadcast will showcase many futuristic elements, with a nod towards a potential future route for the events industry during the global lockdown”

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Will you be tuning in for this special livestream event?