Infamous New York nightclub Studio 54 is starting its own label, Studio 54 Music. They’re coming out with quite a bang today: a debut compilation EP called ‘Night Magic Volume 1’.

The four-track release features fresh reworks of some OG classics. You’ll find new takes of T-Connection’s ‘At Midnight’, Don Ray’s ‘Got To Have Loving’, Brainstorm’s ‘Lovin’ Is Really My Game’, and Voyage’s ‘Souvenirs’. Most of the EP was produced by Razor-N-Tape head JKriv and Morgan Wiley of Midnight Magic.

If you’re unfamiliar with Studio 54, it was considered one of the best clubs in the world back in its hayday in the 1970s. It started as an Opera House in the late 1920s. It later became the hotspot of disco nightlife in the 1970s . Often filled with A-list stars and music lovers alike, it stands as an icon of proper nightlife in the US, and has a history unlike any other nightclub.

Listen to one of the EP tracks, ‘At Midnight’ below. Get ready for more disco magic from the label in the future, too – as well as merch. You can also catch them on Instagram here.