Blending hip hop and house music, Jean Juan’s upcoming single is quite different from his work till date. ‘Sauce’ is a cover remix in the deep future house style made famous by artists like Gaullin and Vize. The original song made by XXXTentacion is taken to new heights in this cover remix. Similar to tracks like Gaullin’s ‘Moonlight‘, the result is a catchy, punchy and danceable track that will be ​lighting up audiences around the world!

Dutch DJ, producer and Soave label head Jean Juan has spent years mixing and curating before going into producing and songwriting himself, urged by the artists he worked with. Nicknamed Jean by one half and Juan by the other half of his friends, his moniker also stands for the two styles he likes: sunny, easy listening chill house (Jean) and sultry deep house with tech influences (Juan). 2020 already brought him early viral success with ‘Don’t Forget Me’ in Russia, being aired on radio over 40,000 times.

Check out ‘Sauce’ out everywhere now!