Spain Will Lift Quarantine for Foreign Tourists in July

Great news regarding the Coronavirus pandemic arrived today from Spain. But, will this be enough to save a part of the Summer Season in Ibiza?

The country of the south of Europe, which offers a huge number of events in the Balearic Islands, specifically in Ibiza, could lift the two weeks period of isolation for foreign tourists in July. Right now, any foreign tourist coming to Spain has to self-quarantine for 2 weeks upon arrival. For most people, that is more than the entire trip and makes vacations impossible.

The Spanish government announced that beginning July 1 the tourist self-quarantines will not be necessary.

Although the statement is not definitive, nor directly linked with nightlife activities, it could be a lifesaver for tourism. This news proof that the virus spread is evolving better than expected. It looks that in the end, tourists will find better conditions for a situation that looked terrible for the Balearic Islands.

Spain is currently under a 4 stage plan, but the country could relax the measures before the set dates. Under current restrictions, visitors from abroad must isolate themselves for two weeks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The Coronavirus spread hit Spain hardly, but the country is slowly recovering.

Hopefully, with the less strict measures, and the stipulated plan (Open Air celebrations of up to 800 people) Spain could be able to enjoy some intimate parties. Sadly, the Foreign Minister did not specify the date, but lifting this ban is definitely good news for Spain and its economy. Luckily, Spain is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel