Major Lazer Remix Viral Tik Tok Song ‘Savage’ and It’s Pretty Awesome

Savage Major Lazer Remix

Savage – Major Lazer Remix

Tik Tok has taken over the world since the quarantine began. One dance named after the song ‘Savage’ has really caught on. Flipping through Instagram you will see almost everyone attempting it. Major Lazer is hopping on the hype train and remixed the song to add some dance flair.

The track begins almost the same as the original but with a signature EDM drum pattern. Our feet know it’s going to be time to dance soon. “Savage” repeats over and over again after the Tik Tok dancing portion is over. A deep baseline takes over the track gripping us in. It is not the wildest drop in the world but certainly will work in any club once they open again.

The second drop has a unique twist on the first. It features long lingering synths that hit the ears just right. I think it may be time for a new dance to come out that vibes to this remix. Make sure to check out the track below!

Savage – Major Lazer Remix