Nicky Romero – Stay (Dash Berlin Remix)

Dutch DJ and Trance legend Dash Berlin is back! Ever since regaining complete control of his socials, the DJ has been at it non stop. This time, he comes back with a lovely remix from one of the titans in the industry. Nicky Romero’s newest track titled ‘Stay’, gets the Berlin treatment and it’s certainly what we were hoping for. Dash Berlin’s newest remix for Nicky Romero was released on Romero’s label, Protocol Recordings.

Dash Berlin

This remix hits a chord with the early decade EDM mega-hits. However, it is fresh enough to show Dash Berlin has, without a doubt, adapted to this new era. Filled with echoed energizing vocals, the track starts with a chord progression and an awesome melody. After that, it rises and rises until it drops on a magic break down.

You will feel as if you were in a festival or a club, surrounded by lights, people and filled with pure happiness. Feeling like on a 2013 EDM video, the song transports us to what many call the golden era of EDM. Dash Berlin does an amazing job on this remix and nails the perfect fusion between Nicky Romero’s latest track and the evolution between his signature old sound and his current style.

This remix marks the second of the year for Dash Berlin. In a time where music overflows our feeds, DJs such as Berlin still find a way to stand on top of the rest. They did not become legends for nothing. This remix is perfect on every single way. Sadly, this would’ve probably been played by the DJ this year, as he was set to make his Tomorrowland debut. However, we’re sure after all of this, we’ll all be ready to jump, sing and throw our hands into the sky to such an amazing remix!

Nicky Romero – Stay (Dash Berlin Remix)