Mike Posner Is Sitting on Lots of Unfinished Avicii Collabs

If you didn’t already miss Avicii enough, here’s some more news to make you wish he was still here. Mike Posner took to Twitter today to give his fans some news. Apparently, he and Avicii had lots of unreleased records together. Sadly, they’re mostly unfinished. Mike Posner said it makes him “feel grateful and sad at the same time.”

One collaboration that was long awaited by fans was known as “Stay With You” and played out on Avicii’s podcast years ago. It even got an update which made people think it would ultimately be released. Unfortunately, it was never released for whatever reason.

Would you like to see these records come out in the future? I know I sure would. Hopefully we’ll see Avicii’s family give the okay to release some of these tunes. We miss him everyday, and this would definitely be a treat to fans.