NYC Nightlife United Launches Emergency Fund For Venues

NYC Nightlife United launched an Emergency Fund with the aim of financially helping venues and cultural places affected by COVID-19.

We have seen throughout these weeks how many people of the music industry have come together to help. Several figures in New York have made alliances to launch an emergency fund- The NYC Nightlife United Fund- to help people affected by the pandemic.

“Businesses in live music need immediate aid and face challenges unique to our industry, but there weren’t relief programs made just for us. We’re fiercely independent people who tap into our community to make the changes we want to see happen. When there’s no road paved for us, we make the concrete.”

Ric Liechtung, AdHoc Presents owner
NYC Nightlife United launches Emergency Fund for Venues

The NYC Nightlife United is an emergency fund that arose to give financial support to the cultural centers and nightlife community. The group supports musicians, comedians, sound technicians, and DJs who are struggling during the pandemic.

NYC Nightlife United Fund Project leaders and goals

Friends and Lovers Bk is the project NYC Nightlife fund leader. Together with promoter and publication AdHoc Presents, they work in tandem with performing arts non-profit organization Solo Foundation. They are looking to raise funds through corporate sponsorships and donations and will aim to prioritize small, independent venues and artists who have lost income through canceled gigs.

“No one can deny that nightlife is culture. This forum for self-expression influences art, music, fashion and brands. If you think about music especially, it is the most powerful passion point. It’s the original social network, transcending every barrier— socioeconomic, distance and language. That’s why protecting this rare resource that defines the spirit of NY is so important.”

Diana Mora, Friends and Lovers owner

This type of support like NYC Nightlife United is very important at the moment, performance spaces were the first to close and they’re expected to be the last to reopen. As a result, many venues have had zero revenue, resulting in harsh effects to the entire show production chain; from artists to bartenders, dancers, and Patrons.