Electric Blockaloo Announces A Minecraft Music Festival

Event organizer Rave Family will be hosting a new music festival for dance music lovers to take part in during this quarantine. Entitled Electric Blockaloo, the event will take place within the world-renowned video game Minecraft on June 25th – 28th.

Artists and Stages

Electric Blockaloo is expected to feature over 300 artists, including Diplo, Gryffin, ZHU, Jamie Jones, Jauz, Lane 8, and many more. Fans will now be able to witness their favorite artists perform within a video game setting.

To make things even more interesting, attendees will not be required to stay in one specific place to watch the music festival. Electric Blockaloo will have 44 stages and will also have recreation venues. This includes an impressive recreation of the Dunder Mifflin office space, a reimagined Red Rocks venue, The Gorge, and more.

Electric Blockaloo Stages

How to Attend

In order to attend the event, participants will need to get on an artist’s guest list. A link will be provided by the artist to access it. A special code will then be provided so attendees can join the Rave Family Club. Once they have been accepted as a member, they will be charged a fee for a GA or VIP experience.

The new Minecraft music festival will take place from 10 AM EST – 6 AM EST each day. Guests must be 18+ to attend Electric Blockaloo. If you are interested in taking part in the event, then make sure to check out the official website.

Rave Family and Music Events

Electric Blockaloo will be the first of many Minecraft music festivals that Rave Family will produce. According to Variety, some of the future events they have in store for us including Mad Decent and 100 Gecs.

Since the start of the pandemic, cultural happenings and live events have been canceled or rescheduled to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. This has forced show organizers to become creative, leading to many one-of-a-kind ideas such as drive-in concepts, virtual reality nightclubs, and video game music festivals. Minecraft is now one of the many platforms, including Fortnite, that music events can take place in. We can’t wait to see what more interesting concepts can be created to keep the memory of festivals alive.