[Album Review] Farius – From The Start EP

Trance Fam, the new music doesn’t stop as Farius has a new, debut album out. Titled ‘From The Start‘, it features 15 enhanced progressive trance hits, bound to hit your emotions and melt your heart. Ahead of this, he also released two new singles ‘Forever‘ and ‘Kechno‘.

A Review Of The Album

Initio‘ introduces the album with an ambient tune, just shy over one minute. It sets the tone and gives us a taste for what enhanced trance could mean. Following this is ‘Miami Love‘, a ballad of progressive trance and an uplifting melody filled with arpeggiating synths. The bass line is driving right until the very end. ‘Forever‘ starts off light, with airy chords. You wonder where it’s going to take you, and the lyrics hit. Another driving bass line flows in and you’re hit with summery vibes. Because trance is forever. ‘Weak Heart‘ exudes love ballad tones and embraces all things progressive.

Neon Landing‘ picks up the pace and drops the tone a little lower. Still progressive in nature, with uplifting melodies in the background, come along for the ride. With old school rave echos and piano riffs, this one breathes vintage aesthetic. ‘Steadfast‘ brings on the euphoric sound that Farius aims for in his music. ‘Kechno‘ embraces tech-trance in all its glory, exuding a darker side to its progressive counterpart. This is a good change of pace for the album, and it marks your halfway point.

Home Again‘ gathers more aggressive synths and channels Above & Beyond. With heavenly vocals, does trance get any better than this? Let yourselves fly home with this one. ‘Free Now‘ gives me deep, progressive house vibes, sprinkled with some electro beats in the background. I’m ready for summer, how about you?

Way Back When‘ features Kyle Reynolds and starts off with a hint of vaporwave. He ties back in the progressive nature of trance, which makes you think to way back when music made you smile like this. ‘Cloud 9‘ features Clara Sofie on vocals. This one is a festival/club hit, enough said. ‘Suligen‘ hits you right off the bat and leaps into a breakdown that will ascend you into heaven. Because once you hit the drop, oh my gosh, the dance floor will not stop. ‘Always Returning To Him‘, ‘Trancist‘, and ‘Stars‘ ft. London Thor close the chapter to this debut with more trance, trance, trance.

A Little About Farius

Each track has an eclectic blend of styles, showcasing just how entertaining Farius is. Of all the melodies created in the world, he tries to work them until they are dance floor ready, every time. He shows no signs of stopping in the progressive and trance scene, and we don’t want him to. He already has releases on Anjunabeats, ASOT, Enhanced, Vandit, Zerothree, and others.

The UK progressive maestro is a huge fan of melodic dance music. Catch his forthcoming guest mixes on Above & Beyond’s ABGT and Armin van Buuren’s ASOT later this spring. He’s building quite the reputation as a versatile, exciting producer with his own distinctive sound. So, get excited and listen below!

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