Nicky Romero is one of the biggest names in the EDM scene right now. With more than 10 years in the industry, he’s constantly evolving and improving his style. Last year, he presented his own exclusive project, the documentary series Redefine, where he shares his experience and knowledge about his career, his secrets to success, and some memorable moments with other big time artists. Now, Nicky Romero is finally releasing the soundtrack of Redefine. Listen to Nicky Romero – Redefine EP here.

Redefine, the EP, is out today and it’s perfect to keep you company during these lockdown days. It’s three tracks ‘I See‘, ‘Time‘ and ‘Replica‘ are exactly what you need to start dancing in your living room and improvise your own Rave-From-Home sessions!

The brand new album is coming straight out from Nicky Romero’s label, Protocol Recordings. It’s the same label of other well known DJs and producers like Blasterjaxx, R3HAB, and Thomas Gold.

So, even if the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic is forcing us to isolate ourselves for a while, there are still a lot of things we can do to have fun! Hit play below and enjoy Nicky Romero’s fine new tunes. They will definitely brighten up your mood during these awkward, social-distancing times.

Stay safe everybody, and please stay at home!

Nicky Romero – Redefine EP