Italian music duo Tale of Us are bringing some fresh beats to liven up our quarantine – and for a good cause, too.

Earlier this month, Tale Of Us released Unity, a compilation and Voyage mix consisting of music from colleagues and friends under the Afterlife label. All proceeds from the mix are supporting Lombardia’s Coronavirus relief fund.

Furthermore, the producers involved have gone the extra mile to create an even bigger project: Unity Live. Aiming to do their part amidst this pandemic, a selection of Afterlife artists will stream performances to raise awareness and money for the fund. The first appearance on this new series is none other than the imprint founders themselves, Tale Of Us.

Tale Of Us

“Unity Live continues the spirit of togetherness embodied by the Afterlife Unity compilation, a 31-track opus released in support of Lombardy’s Coronavirus relief fund. For Unity Live, a selection of Afterlife artists will stream performances from their homes or studios, starting with a Tale Of Us DJ set from Ibiza.”

Tale Of Us are always known for their deeply moving and emotional electronic music, and this set was no different. You can check the tracklist here, although the livestream was sprinkled with IDs.

Make sure to check out Tale Of Us’ beautiful set in the link below.