It seems even Apple can’t really keep up with the COVID-19 pandemic. The iPhone 12 Pro Max, 5G, and iPhone SE Plus model releases will be delayed. Need the highest-end model of the iPhone this year? You better be patient.

Production of each model is still moving forward but we may not see its release this year. News of this comes from a TF International Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo. He has a strong record of predicting Apple’s next moves. He relays this information right from the source: Apple’s component supply chain in Asia.

Here Is What We Know So Far
  • The iPhone 12 is expected to be announced in September while the iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7-inch model) will arrive later than that.
  • 3 iPhone 12 models (5.4-inch, (2x) 6.1-inch) will hit production in September. The Pro Max will hit production in October.
  • Chinese manufacturing facilities are testing new models instead of US Apple engineers due to travel restrictions from COVID-19.
  • mmWave antennas are supposedly being put in the phones for 5G-compatibility. This is a tedious process and can make delays more severe.
  • OLED display with a smaller front camera notch, while the Pro models have 120Hz refresh rates and an A14 Bionic chip. The Pros will also get a new LiDAR depth-sensing camera like the iPad Pro 2020.
The iPhone SE Plus

This version of the new SE iPhone coming out stands at 5.5-inches. With its delay in production, its launch is likely not going to be until the second half of 2021. It will still get the A13 CPU but not much more furnishings will be enhanced.

Therefore, if you want a ‘new new’ phone without the guilt of breaking the bank you can wait for the iPhone SE. If you want anything newer, larger to read, watch, or play with, you will have to wait.