Corey James Releases Deep House Masterpiece ‘The Light’

Man, props to Corey James. The English DJ-producer returns with his second song of the year and it’s a total banger. Titled ‘The Light’, it goes into the roots of deep house to deliver a song that’s pure pleasure. The new track premiered on Third Party‘s label, Release Deep.

Corey James

A month ago, I covered James’ first release of the year. ‘Somewhere In My Heart’ instantly entered my top songs of the year. Its energy, freshness, and originality made it stand out among the rest. Releasing it on one of my favorite DJ labels also helped. If Steve Angello thinks you’re good enough to release on his label, you’re something special.

But let’s talk about ‘The Light’. As the name says, it is here to illuminate your path. After a deep, amazing intro and some vocals by Shaun Walsh, drums enter the song and continue building up that eventually drops in a crazy dance-infusing body-corrupting drop. A drop that takes you to a dance floor, in a club at 2 in the morning – there’s nothing to do but dance. Move your body to the beat and allow your consciousness to abandon your body.

With this, I hope I was able to at least transmit a small part of the sensation I felt while listening to this song. I can’t wait to listen to it in a club, at a party, or at a festival.

Corey James continues to rise inside the industry with his new track ‘The Light’. You can now stream ‘The Light’ by Corey James below!