Officials in Belgium scheduled a meeting next week to decide on the future of Tomorrowland.

The Brussels Times reports Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès and other members of Belgium’s national security council are expected to discuss the country’s continued coronavirus response. Flemish MP Jan Jambon believes the fate of festivals like Tomorrowland will also come up during the talks.

“I think a decision will be taken,” Jambon said.

Officials like the Belgium Interior Minister Pieter de Creme widely believe Tomorrowland won’t happen in 2020.

Still, preparations for the yearly global dance party continue by festival organizers. Hundreds of people are working day in, day out, to create another amazing chapter, reads a statement on Tomorrowland’s website.

“We are following governmental instructions closely during these preparations. We sincerely hope we will be able to celebrate love, unity, and friendship with all of you this summer.”

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