Belgian Interior Minister Casts Doubt on Tomorrowland

Now that EDC Vegas has officially been postponed to early October, all eyes are on Tomorrowland. According to the Belgian Interior Minister, many local mayors have started discussing the cancellation of summer festivals this year. He explained that the Mayors of Werchter and Aarstelaar (where Tomorrowland’s Boom is located) municipalities have mentioned the cancelation of all summer festivals. Thus far though, there has been no formal cancelation decision by Belgium authorities.

In an interview Monday morning, Pieter de Crem said that many mayors are waiting for the decision of the National Security Council. However, others already decided not to go forward with their summer events. The National Security Council will very likely take the same path, according to the Minister.

While the Mayor of Aarstelaar municipality has not asked Tomorrowland to cancel, the Mayor of Boom recently called for cancellation this summer:

The time has come to stay “it stops here”.

Mayor of Boom, Belgium

In reality, the cancelation decision rests with the Prime Minister and National Security Council, and Tomorrowland maintains that it is working closely with local and national authorities to follow their guidance. An official decision by the authorities is therefore expected soon. The festival shared its own update about its preparations and status last week.

Check the interview clip down-bellow (in French) and stay tuned for the latest news.