Sneak Peek Into ILLENIUM’s File Library Suggests New Collabs

ILLENIUM went live on Twitch last night; and for a few hours, self-isolation wasn’t so bad anymore.

And actually, it gets even better. During the stream, which shows Nicholas creating magic (I mean music), we got a glimpse into his file library. There we saw recently modified files with Bastille, Dabin, Wooli, Seven Lions, as well as a new track with Annika Wells. You’ll see from the image below that the dates are within March of this year.

Credit to Bungd from Reddit

As we’re all aware, the coronavirus pandemic has been sweeping the globe and resulted in the cancellation or postponement of festivals and live shows. To prevent the spread of the virus, governments have mandated or highly encouraged self-isolation to stop the spread. On the bright side, one benefit of this is the opportunity for some of our favorite artists to spend more time in the studio. It has also given rise to a number of live streams in place of what would have been live shows, as the world bands together to try to keep spirits up.

If you haven’t already, it’s definitely worth jumping onto Twitch. The streaming website also allows you to join listening parties with other music addicts or follow artists such as JVNA, who regularly does live streams. For many of us who are spending more time indoors these days, Twitch is a handy ticket to keep cabin fever at bay.

Said The Sky, ILLENIUM & Peanut during their livestream

I’ll be saying a thank you prayer to the EDM gods tonight. Though we have it on good word that ILLENIUM is one of those too. If you missed the live stream it can be found here.