Shiba San Releases New EP ‘La Cabana’

Shiba San’s new EP La Cabana just dropped, and it’s a glorious ode to house. Both songs feel like old-world grooves with a classic arrangement and stylization.

The title track ‘La Cabana‘ delivers a hypnotic deep house sound. It gives off an old and refined vibe, but with an innovative twist. Just like any of Shiba San’s previous tracks, it’s the perfect song to get the party started. The vocals come in at the 2-minute mark, which is a nice refresher and adds a more melodic side to the track.

Brace Yourself‘ is the more bass-heavy track of the EP. It’s got a UK garage feel and reminded me of my Ministry Of Sound garage record. However, you can definitely distinguish Shiba San’s funky sound meshed in with the track. He chooses vocal chops that add depth and character, creating a song that radiates charm and comfort. So, just like the vocals say in the track: “brace yourself for the bass“.

All in all, the EP is another well-done piece by Shiba San. It’s a nice break from the heavier tunes being released, making us appreciate the nuances tech-house brings to the scene.