Gummy – Loud Luxury

If you’ve been following Loud Luxury, you’ll see their latest EP release is out now. Titled ‘Gummy‘, it is another high magnitude collaboration that exudes their summer mood. We see its release on Armada Music.

First up is their title track ‘Gummy‘ with Brando. Being their first song since ‘Body‘, they’re picking up where they left off. Enjoy the creative lyrics, sunny vibes, and shuffling. Who doesn’t want to dance around like a Gummy?

“Writing and performing on the record ‘Gummy’ with Loud Luxury was a lot of fun. The song has a laidback summer vibe to it and I’m excited for fans to hear it.” – Brando

Next is ‘Nights Like This‘, a Dancing Astronaut nominated track for catchiest song of 2020. It features American Grammy nominee, CID, and pops off with infectious melodies. Giving off natural effervescence and a tailored groove, what nights do you live for?

Cold Feet‘ hits you with more soul-stirring lyrics as it talks about love lost in the final stretch. It combines haunting vocal melodies with a vivid instrumental backdrop. Another great club-ready track with their familiarity.

These tracks had previously been released but they are coming together for a great time. Make no mistake that this is Loud Luxury and Brando’s move toward playmaker status. Not many collaborations become monumentally impactful like their multi-million, magnificent marvel ‘Body’.

Even More…

The Canadian hotshot duo and L.A. multi-talented artist give us something to look forward to in the future. With emotive piano chords with thought-provoking lyrics, the public is taking to their release greatly. We can see this beefing up any club and we look forward to their next creative collision.

So take a listen to their newest 3-piece compilation now. In light of what is going on around us, let’s take some time to smile. With this!

Gummy – Loud Luxury