Gareth Emery Releases the “Best Song He’s Ever Made”

A long-anticipated music festival got cancelled, your favourite restaurant is closed, the list goes on. Just as you think things can’t get any worse (thanks coronavirus), Gareth Emery releases an emotional track to remind you that you’ll be ok. Named precisely that, ‘You’ll Be OK‘ marks the first single on Gareth’s upcoming album The Lasers, which is scheduled for release later this year.

According to the trance legend himself, ‘You’ll Be OK’ “may well be the best f***ing trance song [he has] ever written”. The heartfelt vocals feature British singer-songwriter Annabel, who beautifully delivers the light that we all need under current circumstances.

For Gareth Emery himself, the track not only embodies “some tough times in [his] life”, but also represents his first milestone as a newly independent artist. As a result, fans will almost certainly forgive him for holding the track back for ten months since its debut, and for perfecting it to the way it currently is.

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An Apology 😉

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Stream or save ‘You’ll Be OK‘ on your favourite streaming platform, and check out the official music video below!