Google have been trying to get on the same playing field as Apple as they attempt to develop and create innovative, cutting-edge smartphone technology. In-hand photos and video of the upcoming Google Pixel 4a have surfaced online recently.

The 3.5mm headphone jack and rear-mounted fingerprint sensor appear to be returning from the Pixel 3A, but the phoneÔÇÖs camera bump is more similar in style to last yearÔÇÖs Pixel 4. The phone will feature a 12-megapixel sensor that can record 4k videos. In addition, the phone has a 5.8 inch display with a 2340×1080 resolution.

It’s unclear when Google will make the big announcement since they cancelled their I/O event due to COVID-19 concerns. It’ll be an interesting comparison between the Pixel 4a with its predecessors as well as competing iPhone and Samsung models. We can likely expect more information to be revealed in the coming weeks.