The coronavirus is continuing to wreak havoc on the markets, music festivals and humanity in general. Many companies are being forced to adapt, and Spotify is one of them.

The streaming giant announced Tuesday a new work from home policy. Founder Daniel Ek took to Twitter to share:

I have asked Spotify employees to work from home for the next two weeks due to the increased risk of COVID-19. We all have an obligation to delay the spread of the virus and thus the expected pressure on our healthcare system. I hope other companies in Sweden will follow suit.


Spotify isn’t alone in the new work from home policy. Many other tech giants are joining the safety measures as well. Both Google and Apple offices are reportedly remaining open, while allowing employees to work remote. Google even went so far to say it would give its hourly workers their regular pay if they had to miss work due to coronavirus.

Yesterday, Live Nation Entertainment stocks were reporting huge loses as well. After reaching a 52-week high of $76.08 per share a mere few weeks ago, the stock has since lowered to a current rate of $48. The company is now getting close to a 52-week low of $46.01. Stay tuned for more coronavirus updates.